Where Are You Heading To In Newport News Today?

Newport News

Don’t you love when you wake up and the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky? Of course, it is even better if you don’t have to work today! If you are lucky enough to be off from work or better yet on vacation, today is a great day to get reacquainted with Newport News. Most people would either head to the beach or Williamsburg. However, we dare to be different and we are going to look at three destinations slightly off the beaten path. All of these are fun, exciting, and just may open your mind to some new facts!

Newport News Park

As you may already know Newport News is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. We have the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and plenty of wooded trails. An area favorite is the Newport News Park. Here you can walk the trail or even check out the local pier. There are plenty of areas for picnics and great places for the kids to play. In fact, if you head over to the pier, you will see plenty of turtles having fun in the water while large bass swim in the distance. If you really want to get froggy why night take the night and go camping or rent a boat and do some nautical explorations?

U.S. Army Transportation Museum

One might not consider a military transportation fun, but this one is out to prove a point. The U.S. Army Transportation Museum is an incredible place to spend an afternoon and the amount of information you are going to take away is invaluable. Many of us never consider what it takes to mount any type of military endeavor and this place is here to show us. You will find early Jeeps, trains, humvees, helicopters, etc. Whether you are a military enthusiast, car enthusiast, or just looking for something to do, the U.S. Army Transportation Museum is the place to be.

Virginia War Museum

If you are a history or war buff, you will want to ensure that you take the time to visit the Virginia War Museum. This small museum offers a unique experience into many conflicts and features a wide range of guns, artillery helmets, etc. It is small enough that you can take your time and wander around the area on your own.

Now you have three locations to check out today. Do one or all three and have a great time!